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Holdsworth & Nicholas Inc. is committed to the belief that the most valuable marketing is established when a bridge of emerging and traditional media produces a successful partnership with our clients and generates our biggest value—ACCOUNTABILITY.

HN is a pioneer and innovator in the new collaboration of the client / agency relationship. The traditional client / agency relationship is no longer relevant. Here at HN we have unbundled the outdated agency model. We embrace partners that are experts in every area of todays complicated and fast changing environment. All in the name of efficiency and brilliance towards our client’s brands and campaigns. We bridge emerging and traditional media as well as bridging relationships and collaboration between our nimble team and yours.

Holdsworth & Nicholas is a vibrant, forward-thinking and innovative company delivering management of fully transparent traditional, digital and social media campaigns. Dedicated to your success.

About Us

HN is fluid and rigorous in our pursuit of all new digital and emerging marketing opportunities. You will find us always innovating in the name of efficiency. Today’s marketing environment moves as fast as lightning. Media yesterday looks different than it does today. It just changed. It just changed again. And again, and again, and again… constantly evolving at a speed not even considered possible in the outdated agency / client relationship.

HN’s big picture vision leads to and allows for strategic real-time reallocation of resources. We are in constant motion balancing what may feel like mind-numbing media options in this post-digital interactive age. You will find us moving fast, and efficient, constantly communicating with your team and ours. Our nimbleness is reflected in our client’s success.

The Team

This is our unique and creative team who work together to bring you the best.

Marian Holdsworth


Marian Shannon Holdsworth has always had a passion for marketing and advertising. As a child, she loved working on advertising campaigns for her family’s funeral business.

She graduated from Texas State University where she majored in Journalism and minored in Speech and Political Science.

Marian has 29 years in advertising. Including backgrounds in television, radio, online and promotional / sports marketing.

Sue Hennelly Nicholas


Sue Nicholas has been in the advertising business for over 31 years and holds an extensive background in print– both newspapers and magazine– radio, event / promotional marketing, online, interactive, and mobile marketing.

Her futuristic view on business and our world brings constant forward-thinking and innovative ideas that prove cutting edge for our clients.

Sue graduated from Loyola University with a double major in Marketing and Management.


  • Advertising / Advertising Strategy

    • Campaign Development
    • Interactive and Social Media
    • Print
    • Digital Applications
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Out-of-Home Media
    • Media Buying
    • Broadcast Solutions (TV, Radio, Cable)

  • Graphic Design

    • Logos
    • Brochures
    • Annual Reports
    • Publication & Print Design
    • Website Design & Development
    • Digital Applications
    • Point of Sale & Packaging
    • Editorial Illustration

  • Strategic Marketing / Branding / Corporate Marketing

    • Marketplace and Competitive Analysis
    • Define objectives and customer base
    • Potential and Risk Analysis
    • Customer Analysis
    • Market Shifts
    • Success Tracking
    • Omni-Channel Execution
    • Create value and identity
    • Define Core values
    • Develop Messaging & Imagery
    • Tactics
    • Goal setting
    • Media mix

  • Expertise and Trackable ROI’s in the Following Verticals

    • Higher Education
    • Automotive
    • Business to Business
    • Utilities
    • Medical
    • Financial
    • Political
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Festival Event Marketing
    • Legal
    • Elder Care
    • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

  • Special Events / Festival Marketing

    • Event Marketing
    • Collateral and signage
    • Entertainment
    • Geo Based Messaging
    • ROI Tracking in real time

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